Review of Mick Taylor Concert in Chicago

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Posted by Joey,Esq. on July 26, 1999 at 10:07:36:

Mick Taylor played the blues for me on July 20th at the H.O.B. in Chicago. A great two-hour show that only cost sixteen bucks. I got there early and positioned my stoned body right up front and center. When the show started, I looked back and noticed the place was only three-quarters full. What a shame.......Hell, Taj Mahal at least filled the place last summer. OH, Well.............Just let me say that all those in attendance had a great time. I will not go into detail about what songs Mick played, but the fret work was phenomenal and the Vibrato did cry(Albeit not as much as I thought it would cry.) Though Mick was a perfectionist, he did not mind when I left midway through the concert to take a lonnnnnnnnng pee and smoke some Dope. Thirty minutes later, Joey,Esq. returned to his position and connected immediately with Mick's beautiful playing. Please see this great performer and thank me later. I recognized only a few Stone's songs, but the other blues' numbers he worked through were prodigious and coherent. I would post more, but i desperately must take a pee. Later!!!!!!!!!

"Hit Me Ronnie!"


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Subject: Re: Review of Mick Taylor Concert in Chicago


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