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Posted by Elmo Lewis on July 22, 1999 at 22:27:51:

In Reply to: Re: Re: The general public, Classic Rock, Exile and that kind of shit.. posted by the_sweet_black_angel on July 22, 1999 at 08:19:09:

: : : I finally looked at a few of the posts about Exile, and some of hhall's huge generalizations about the people that listen to classic rock and what they like or know about it I find funny.

: : : I can't stand classic rock radio either, far too much Pink Floyd and Aerosmith for me, and the only new material seems to be whatever pablum EC is puking out these days, but I still listen to it.
: : : Exile is crammed with great stuff, as were the three preceding albums. But dismissing it as studio trickery or considering it less than a masterpiece because of a lack of hit singles is ludicrous. Are you saying that Thriller really is the defining moment in rock history?

: : No, I turned off the radio in about '74 or '75.

: : Pablum or puke would be a good description of the 70's and 80's.
: : But "Satisfaction" is the great "classic rock" hit of all time, by some counts. Everyone knows that song. Hence classic.

: : I asked KH of Memphis, Tennessee, Mr. Classic Rock radio himself, if he knew any of those lost classics on Exile. Never heard of them. That concluded my scientific poll.
: : ( And that wasn't me insulting everyone, it was Sweet Black Angel, I think. I was insulting Exile.)
: : Now Dark Side of the Moon - there is a classic album!

: : And by the way Roger Waters is God.

: I was not insulting everyone!...why is this degenerating into a salem witch trial? still, i'll get to the point.

: who are these people who know nothing of exile yet claim to be "classic rock" experts. if you think you deserve that title and you don't know exile, you don't know shit. singles singles singles. that's all fucking radio cares about. radio destroys collective memoory, replacing it with three minute grabs and a lot of talk.

: 2000 man raises a good point and his mention of "thriller" is apt. mass public acceptance doesn't equal worth. if it did then the current american musical institutions are britney spears and the ploliferating boy bands. oh god no.

: i'll stick with this. exile is the shit, a reason to hang, to get the blues, to shimmy, fall and smile. life itself folks. thanks to 2000 man for his wise words, and his ability to construct two sentences together. it seems prose style matters little around here. dear me!

: the sweet black angel

: p.s. roger waters is not a god. he was a good guitarist yet drifted off into vague philosophical platitudes with concept albums (animals, the wall) and never really recovered. atom heart mother and meddle are ok, but still, not quite up there with the greats, who by now need no mention. dark side of the moon? yes, i concede it's good, dated yet still a little thrilling...the orgasmic wails on great gig in the sky...the opening guitar on breathe...the anthemic brain damage seguing into eclipse. as i would NEVER say...trippy.

: see, i don't slag everything off! i just think we should ladel out deification to those who really deserve it. oh keith...

i know im probably getting a reputation as a snotty know-it-all but.... im sorry its the genes. anyway roger waters was the bassist! not that i care much anyway pink floyd was always to boring for me anyway.

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