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Posted by Lord Voodoo on July 20, 1999 at 08:50:42:

In Reply to: Re: Re: Re: EXILE ON MAIN STREET - the Stones greatest? posted by Mr. Ventilator on July 19, 1999 at 23:35:38:

: : : I expressed my distaste for the whole thought poice issue below but as for Exile...

: : : Its probably in my top 5 most of the time.

: : : I go through fazes in regards to the stones. When I am really into the stones in general, and all songs are great, exile is probably my favorite because its the longest, i don't have to change the cd. As for pure quality. I am not so sure. There are a couple songs that I almost always skip over when I am listening to it. I can't remember ever thinking. "I really want to to hear 'turd on the run' or 'just want to see his face' or ventillator blues' or 'rip this joint'. They just aren't even in my top 100 stones songs. I can go through beggars and enjoy almost all of it all the time, but Parachute Woman kind of bores me. On Let It Bleed Live With Me bores me, and on sticky fingers sway and you gotta move kind of bore me. I like the songs, but they're not my favorite, never have been. They just don't do it for me. Same with the songs on exile that I listed. On Some girls I can always listen to that whole album from start to finish with no problems. The whole thing is great. If anything Miss You is my least favorite, but as soon as I turn it on, I like it.

: : : Right now, I would rank my stones albums in this order:

: : : Some Girls
: : : Let It Bleed
: : : Beggars Banquet
: : : Sticky Fingers
: : : Exile On Main Street
: : : Its Only Rock And Roll
: : : Tattoo You
: : : Goats Head Soup
: : : Black And Blue
: : : Emotional Rescue

: : :
: : : but that's just right now. there is never any obvious best, it cahnges every few days. That is part of the flaw I see in Keno's rankings, that he is setting a rank on something when for me, that rank would fluctate with every different listening of every song. Some days I really love Moonlight Mile. Other days I just don't. There's a core of songs that I always like, and Some Girls happens to have the most on it plus others I am into right now.

: : : The same flaw I see in Keno's rankings, I also in see in your post. I do share your love with exile, but it isn't my favorite album today. Some days it is, but most days its not.

: : Parachute woman ,Sway,and You Gotta Move bore you? Let Me speak for everybody when i say HOLY SHIT!!!! aaaaaahhh well differant strokes for differant folks i guess.

: ..And "Ventilator Blues"? I must say it took 10 years to get into VB, so it's an acquired taste. But like many acquired tastes, its well worth acquiring..

There's only so many songs out there, not all of them ar emy bag baby. But, I use the word bore in the conext of say, compared to brown sugar. I would never throw the album in just to play sway. Its a cool song, but there are so many cool songs

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