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Posted by Vacendak on July 18, 1999 at 18:12:04:

In Reply to: Re: Legendary Gigs That Could Have Been Awesome... posted by THE JIMMY WHITLEY on July 18, 1999 at 15:34:19:

: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1967::: "STONES JAM WITH JIMI, ROCK MONTEREY FESTIVAL (AP) The Rolling Stones, quickly ending any doubt that they are becoming more popular than the Beatle, closed out the first ever Monterey "Pop Festival," wrapping up an amazing day of music with a three-hour set which climaxed with an ending jam with Jimi Hendrix........the Stones were red-hot, and then stunned the crowd by backing Hendrix on "Stone Free" and "Like A Rolling Stone." How can they top this?.......


: Something that this AP story failed to mentioned was the "semi-legendary" SECOND ENCORE that was played with Jimi Hendrix about 40 minutes after the first encore!!! They did a 26 minute version of Hendrix's THIRD STONE FROM THE SUN!! Makeing a rare appearance on stage was King of the Blues SON HOUSE!! Hendrix introduced Mr. House and stated that, "We would like to play a ditty that tonight will be called, 'THIRD STONE FROM THE SON' in honor of Son." The 65 year old House was seated on the far right side of the stage next to Hendrix and Mick Jagger. One reporter noted that this would make Stones bassist Bill Wyman "the third Stone from the Son" from an audience's perspective. It was then quickly pointed out that this was NOT TRUE due to the fact that Hendrix was not a member of the Rolling Stones and that technically speaking it would have been Keith Richard. When asked to comment all Richard had to say was, "It's Richard, not Richards. There's no "S" man. These cats are always trying to attatch this weird sort of "S" thing to me, really. I mean really."

: Oddly enough Bill Wyman's book omitted this "fact" as well. It did mention that during that second encore Bill had personally counted, "Son House sat down, stood up, sat down again, etc. ELEVEN times during Third Stone from the 'Son'."

: I am supposed to be getting stuff done today so I gotta bail! Later,JIMMY

Thanks a lot,ya made me squirt Coke through my nose when I got to that "Third Stone From The Sun" line. (If you go past that stone and follow Tinkerbell, will that get you to Neverland?) But just imagine Farm Aid 1986...............~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"STONES ROCK HICKS IN THE STICKS" (AP)...The Rolling Stones, introduced by bluesman wannabe Dan Ackroyd, played a gig reminiscent of another band's set in Illinois back in 1980. The Blues Brothers Band had the good fortune of playing a gig at a roadside country bar; unfortunately, all the Blues Brothers knew how to play was the blues. Well, after one aborted blues tune and a barrage of flying beer bottles, the boys decided to go country with "Rawhide." Well, at Farm Aid II last night, the Stones caused many wads of chaw to be swallowed and more than a few of the good old boys to curse "goldang" as the Stones ripped through their entire DIRTY WORK album. No newcomer to such reactions, Jagger and company were easily able to sidestep each Miller beer can. But after causing the cattle in the children's petting zoo area to stampede during the conclusion to "One Hit To The Body," the British bad boys turned it down a notch and settled into a blues set. Waylon Jennings stumbled by and stepped on Keith's guitar, but Johnny Cash held Keith back and made him drop the razor. Willie Nelson joined in on "Faraway Eyes," and Mick just about gave him cardiac arrest when he licked ol' Willie on the lips. Kris Kristofferson surprised the crowd by appearing, joining in on a wonderfu duet with Keith which nobody could understand. The Stones played well past 2 a.m., wrapping their set with a medley of "Love In Vain/Wild Horses/Starfucker," the last of which caused TNN to mysteriously lose power.......

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