Re: Lucy looked sweet just a-strolling down Newport Street

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Posted by moondog on July 13, 1999 at 09:35:12:

In Reply to: Lucy looked sweet just a-strolling down Newport Street posted by steel driving hammer on July 10, 1999 at 21:32:33:

: Dusting off RSVP...Brian is so forgotton. His slide on No E, Salt O T E, Jigsaw P and steady inter twine w/ Keith on Prodigal S.
: Huh, imagine a Brian Jones Unplugged today...?
: I gather he was getting close to Jimi Hendrix when he died.
: The (I think) problem why Brian is so underated is because back then the sound was not a flaygrant, flashy and flamboiant as today. You really have to concentrate and listen to him. Today, all the fucking fucks bop aimlessley...go girl...yeah fuck you. I am getting sick and tired of pulling up to a stop and a fucking jerk off has his music so fucking loud w/ nonsense bass and thinks he's hot shit while looking at every car near him to see if they are listing also.
: At 28, I am not at all ashame to blast Factory Girl or Salt O T E... a real common foot soldier.
: Another thing I am having trouble w/ is proving to other people that there is no one better than the Stones. I feel I have to prove. For the 1st time I drove around blasting to the common foot fuck RSVP Stones wanting people to look at me. Even my girlfriend doesn't like the Stones.
: I am starting to have a hard time just enjoying the songs without proving something. But...The Stones sound much much better when I'm alone by far. When w/ others it's you like it? No! Why not!?!
: Tommorow is Sunday and already I feel like the Sunday Times soaked in Mid Western Wine. It's just about Midnight and I am going to take a early morning shower and waste about a half an hour. Then lay on a naked bed w/ an alkaselter head hoping to wake up tommorow In Another Land on a street called Newport.

: Tony

When I'm blazing down the road at 70 miles per hour I could care less if my friends don't like the Stones that I have cranked because I know that they are more worried about surviving the trip, but at 50 it's like..."What! You want me to turn Sympathy for the Devil off? Are you nuts?" It is indeed something that I have to be driving alone to enjoy. And what makes me even more upset is that the bad tastes I'm around runs deeper that that. I will pull up playing some John Lee Hooker and Miles Davis and all I here is bitch bitch bitch. And believe me, it gets worse. I was listening to one of the most perfect and sublimely beautiful pieces of music ever composed for the piano (Y.S. Bach's Goldberg Variations) and my musicly chalenged best friend refused to even get into the car until I turned it off. She called it shit and I almost cut off her thumbs so that she could run in the mud all day with the rest of the tasteless swine out there. Ha. Humans my ass. Why is it that good music goes all but dead in this sad ending of the this time in human existance?

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Subject: Re: Re: Lucy looked sweet just a-strolling down Newport Street


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