Re: Lucy looked sweet just a-strolling down Newport Street

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Posted by Elmo Lewis on July 10, 1999 at 22:33:42:

In Reply to: Lucy looked sweet just a-strolling down Newport Street posted by steel driving hammer on July 10, 1999 at 21:32:33:

: Dusting off RSVP...Brian is so forgotton. His slide on No E, Salt O T E, Jigsaw P and steady inter twine w/ Keith on Prodigal S.
: Huh, imagine a Brian Jones Unplugged today...?
: I gather he was getting close to Jimi Hendrix when he died.
: The (I think) problem why Brian is so underated is because back then the sound was not a flaygrant, flashy and flamboiant as today. You really have to concentrate and listen to him. Today, all the fucking fucks bop aimlessley...go girl...yeah fuck you. I am getting sick and tired of pulling up to a stop and a fucking jerk off has his music so fucking loud w/ nonsense bass and thinks he's hot shit while looking at every car near him to see if they are listing also.
: At 28, I am not at all ashame to blast Factory Girl or Salt O T E... a real common foot soldier.
: Another thing I am having trouble w/ is proving to other people that there is no one better than the Stones. I feel I have to prove. For the 1st time I drove around blasting to the common foot fuck RSVP Stones wanting people to look at me. Even my girlfriend doesn't like the Stones.
: I am starting to have a hard time just enjoying the songs without proving something. But...The Stones sound much much better when I'm alone by far. When w/ others it's you like it? No! Why not!?!
: Tommorow is Sunday and already I feel like the Sunday Times soaked in Mid Western Wine. It's just about Midnight and I am going to take a early morning shower and waste about a half an hour. Then lay on a naked bed w/ an alkaselter head hoping to wake up tommorow In Another Land on a street called Newport.

: Tony

nice post man!! but i gotta admit i was lost with all the refernces to bill wyman songs.

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Subject: Re: Re: Lucy looked sweet just a-strolling down Newport Street


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