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Posted by BOBM on June 30, 1999 at 10:10:56:

In Reply to: Ron Wood Rocks! posted by Lord Voodoo on June 30, 1999 at 08:27:42:

: I'm tired of all of the anti-Wood sentiment going around in here. I'm glad Tony has finally stood up to it but I will take it a step farther.

: Contributionwise, Ron Wood has contributed far more than Taylor ever did, he does not play solos like Mick Taylor did, but few people can. Besides in my view the Taylor/Wood argument is pointless. The band wrote their best stuff from 68 to 72, taylor was just along for the ride on alot of that, sure, certain songs he did alot and helped create the song, and he will go down as part of the stones best years. But that's not Ron Wood's fault that he wasn't in the band. In my opinion they had lost it by 74 and the addition of Woodie energized the band. The rythem guitar parts were unreal. Ron Wood brought abour the new barbarians, and he wrote most of their songs too.

: Have you ever actually sat down and listened to any of Ron Wood's solo stuff. I don't mean the live solo stuff either. I mean stuff like Gimme Some Neck or My Own Album. That stuff is pure Rock! Its on a level that the stones never went to in the 70s. All of his solo stuff is like "Let Me Go" on speed and coke! Its crazy. He's got the most amazing rythem licks.

: If you doubt Ron Wood, sit down and listen to Buried Alive on Gimme Some Neck, or Seven Days. The stuff is unreal.

: As for woodie today, hey frankly guitarists just don't lose it. They may not be able to come up with any songs but they don't suddenly forget how to play. I think Tony and others are correct. Keith doesn't play much any more either, so for woodie to keep up is a joke, he has to willingly play less than he wants to. Compare the band now to the late 70s. The differce is in the guitars. Wood and Richards both play less. They play skippy solos and light woven rythem patterns. It it the exact opposite of what they did in the late 70s. Does it mean their losing it. Of course not. That's what keith is into right now, getting as much out of as little guitar as possible.

: It is that attitute that allows Mick to slip in the electronic stuff. Take Anybody seen my Baby. The guitars are great but there's so little of them. Its just like like versions of under my thumb. The song is driven by a Bass Rythem and the counter rythem is Ron and Keith. Unfortunately, what could have been a very good song is ruined by electronic mumbo jumbo thrown in. The live version of the song is 10 times better because it takes out all over production.

: This is right on. Listen to New Barbarians and you will agree. Also, some of the cuts from the taylor Years' albums were developed before Mick Taylor joined the group. Now I know I'm alone on this part, but I don't like the long whiney solos by Taylor on the live stuff, with the single exception of Love In Vain.

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