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Posted by Joey on June 29, 1999 at 09:23:24:

I took Lord Voodoo's advice and put the movie PLATOON in the VCR, turned off the sound, and played the Stones' classic "Gimme Shelter" throughout the movie. Voodoo is right........Gimme Shelter is the definitive Vietnam song. It is very creepy indeed. However, I then tried something else. I took out PLATOON, inserted a documentary about LBJ, turned off the sound again, and played "Gimme Shelter" throughout the documentary. Talk about creepy.............It was down right scary......I am now haunted by the ghost of LBJ. If anyone from this board could offer a remedy for young Joey, please respond immediately. I must find a way out of my own private "LBJ HELL". Thanks...........Young Boy Joey.

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Subject: Re: Creepy


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