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Posted by StonesCat on June 26, 1999 at 02:14:25:

In Reply to: Family Feud II - Live v. Studio posted by Lord Voodoo on June 25, 1999 at 13:50:45:

:Another song that was mentioned was Beast of Burden. The 1978 live version of this song took it to
a different level due to the current fads in live music. Lots of effects thrown into the rythem guitar
made it cool and it became more of a rock song than the album version. I find the studio version and
the 1978 live version to be equally good songs, for slightly different reasons, but the song has just
never been as good since. When they tried it acoustically in 95 it was cool but merely because they
were playing in a way that they hadn't before. That was cool, but it still wasn't up to the 1978

I was just listening to the Twilight Zone boot, which among other things has the SNL songs on it. Even with Mick's hoarse voice, the band kicks ass, real tight playing, guitars turned up. Beast of Burden sounds great to me, Mick's voice gives it an extra little touch. It's a song that's made more for an intimate setting like that studio was/is.

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