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Posted by Keno on June 08, 1999 at 01:36:03:

In Reply to: Let's all help Keno see the light posted by Mr. Ventilator on June 07, 1999 at 13:54:22:

: In a previous post, Keno asked anguishedly (is that a word?) why he couldn't "see the light" on why Exile on Main Street is one of the great albums ever made.

: In the spirit of joyful giving which permeates this board, I suggest we all help Keno. He's given so much to us, I say it's time we give something back! Let's Shine A Light and help Keno "see the light" on Exile..

I thank you for wanting to help me on this, you are not the first. This is why I wounder why I can't see the light for this album that most of my fellow Stones fans love.

: As a start, I offer my top 10 reasons, in no particular order, why Exile is the greatest Rock/R&B album ever made:

: 1. Consistency of sound and quality. Every song sounds like it belongs.

I would agree that the album has a good consistency to it. All the songs do flow together well.

: 2. Many great songs: Dice, Cup, Loose, Line, and of course Ventilator..

This is where I get lost. Take Loving Cup, I just don't care for it, with Let It Loose, its a average song to me. Yet you guys love these songs.

: 3. No weak songs at all.

Yet I count seven weak songs. If you take away those songs (see them on my list in my Exile page) then the album does much better in my ratings. But seven is a huge number, even for a double album.

: 5. Length. 18 songs on 1 disc. The advent of the CD has made listening to Exile a whole new experience. More than any other Stones record - actually any other record period - you can "get into" Exile.

I have never heard this entire album on CD. Since I was never crazy about this album I never got the CD. I do have a old vinyl copy of it a friend gave me after my original copy was stolen in '86.

: 7. Great album cover.

Yes! I also loved the postcards that came with it and still have a few of them. Bet the CD don't include them.

: There - that was easy enough. C'mon folks, give till it hurts!

Thanks Mr V for trying to help me with this. You would not believe the email I get from fans after they read my album list and see where I place Exile. Most Stones fans are kind to me about this (a few think I'm nuts) but still they cannot understand why I don't love this album. As I already stated, I'm not sure either but those seven songs that I don't care for must hold the answer in them.

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