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Posted by Dandelion on June 04, 1999 at 12:17:16:

In Reply to: Performance and other Stones flicks posted by Mr. Ventilator on June 01, 1999 at 22:26:43:

: Performance is a very strange film, but definitely worth seeing for any Stones fan. It must be seen stoned, there just is no other way.

???? Then you must not get it.

:: There is a great scene with Anita in the tub shaking her tits at Mick, asking "Do you like my physique?".

Actually, I believe she says this line to James Fox (Chas) in bed, refering to her arm and ass (and latent homosexuality {I'm not one of those!}and I do not recall tits shaking. See what happens when you see it stoned?

: I haven't seen Ladies and Gentlemen the Rolling Stones in about 20 years. I really liked it, even though the film and sound quality was not the best. It captured the band at their peak (in my opinion). I saw a copy for sale at EBay for over $100! Can it really be that expensive?

No, you can get it for around $20.

: I've got a copy of Cocksucker Blues, and I have always found it kind of disappointing. It's just not that interesting. There are a few scenes that are memorable, including the famous airplane scene, and another of someone who may or may not be Keith shooting up. Mostly, though, it's just amateurish. The video and sound quality of my copy is poor.

I have not seen a very good copy of it either, but I believe you are mistaking experimental cinematic forms with "amateurish." I think it is rather good myself, I guess it is how you look at it.

: Let's Spend the Night Together is a reasonably good film, but it doesn't stick in the memory the way the others do. The sound is excellent, but the song list is not the best.

But Mick wears those knee pads and makes it all worthwhile. It also, in the middle of Time Is On My Side, gave me the first quick glimpse of rare footage I had not seen before.

: Oh, of course! One more - Jean-Luc Godard's "One-on-One", sometimes called "Sympathy for the Devil". The film is of some interest because it shows the Stones working on "Sympathy" in the studio. But it's so self-consciously arty that it's just about unwatchable. Maybe if you were really, really, really stoned. But even then, it would be iffy.

Jean Luc Goddard's work can be a big strain to watch, and this film, aside from the Stones footage seems silly, dated, pretentious, and very self indulgent.

: Then there's the Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus, which is very entertaining and has some very strong performances. I can't understand why they didn't want it released..

I think Mick or Keith commented at the time of the release something to the effect that they did not appreciate how good it was back then, only saw the flaws, that it has aged well.

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