Love in Vain

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Posted by Mr. Ventilator on June 04, 1999 at 11:04:33:

Does anyone else think this song is one of the band's very, very best? The original on Let it Bleed is great, and so are the live versions on YaYa's and Stripped.

Where the song really works is on the bootlegs from the '72 tour. I've got Philly and MSG and they both have scorching versions. I listened to the Philly CD on my way into work this morning, and wound up cranking the volume for this song up to the pain threshold listening to Keith and Mick T lay it on. INCREDIBLE. It's one of the few slow songs that sounds better the louder you play it.

I don't think the song has ever gotten its due as a definitive Stones number, perhaps because its not a Jagger/Richards composition. Playing it live now is a bit of a problem because there's no one who can play the lead like Mick Taylor, but still the version on Stripped is wonderful - the best thing on the disc, I think.

I just can't get the '72 version out of my head - it's so beautiful and perfect. It brought tears to my eyes and made my hair stand on end. I wanted to turn the volume so high my ears bled (Let it Bleed, indeed!).

Your thoughts?..

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