Tonights Sacramento Set List.

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Posted by THE JIMMY WHITLEY on January 28, 1999 at 02:01:33:

Hello everybody! this will be brief. For full version see me on I.O.R.R. Love Ya Live JIMMY
1.JUMPIN JACK FLASH 2. LIVE WITH ME. 3. RESPECTABLE 4. YOU GOT ME ROCKIN 5. UNDERCOVER 6. MEMORY MOTEL 7. SWEET VIRGINIA 8.SOME GIRLS 9.PAINT IT BLACK 10 HONKY TONK WOMEN BAND INTRO-KEITHS SONGS 11. YOU GOT THE SILVER 12. YOU DON'T HAVE TO MEAN IT 13. OUT OF CONTROL-NO CAGE!! GONE,DONE,OVER. SMALL STAGE: 14. ROUTE 66 15. JUST MY IMAGINATION 16. MIDNIGHT RAMBLER. BACK TO BIG STAGE: 17. SAINT OF ME 18. IT'S ONLY ROCK-N-ROLL 19. START ME UP 20.BROWN SUGAR ENCORE 21.SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL. Serious News Flash!! Somewhere between I.O.R.R. and Start me up I started to notice micks vocals getting lost. It was'nt the normal shi tty ARCO sound or the mix itself because I was 5 feet centered behind the soundboard and was watching. by brown sugar it was PAINFULL to watch but Mick did what he could. He's only human. The last few song's were getting shaved a bit and mick was'nt even singing after a certain point. I was'nt upset or felt ripped off, I felt compassion and it was painfull to watch him try knowing he knew his voice was lost and then makeing the best of it. DO NOT BE SUPRISED IF FRIDAYS SAN JOSE GIG GETS BUMPED. He's still has 48 hours maybe it will be ok. even the rest of the band seemed to have a concerned in a loving way look on thier face. I need to sleep now. JIMMY

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