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Posted by Keno on June 02, 1999 at 00:47:07:

In Reply to: Performance and other Stones flicks posted by Mr. Ventilator on June 01, 1999 at 22:26:43:

: A post a while back got me thinking about the movie Performance and Stones movies in general. I'm interested in everyone's thoughts on films that they've been in or had a part in.

In the past here and at the old board we have gone over these movies several times. I know I posted about most of these movies, but not all of them . Since your new here Mr V and haden't read our comments, I will be happy to give a quick summary of each movie from my point of view..

: I'll count Performance as a Stones flick, even though it only has Mick.

Just watched this flick about two weeks ago. Haden't seen it in a few years. Yes, it is strange. Acting by the cast is poor, but Mick did a good job. If you like Mick you will like the movie, others beware.

: I haven't seen Ladies and Gentlemen the Rolling Stones in about 20 years.

Me too. But I remember each time I saw it what a high I got from it. It was like being at a concert (the place I saw it in each time helped add to this feeling). I read in the Stones newsgroup last year that it was gonna be released again this year. ButI haven't heard anything on this since then. A must see film for Stones fans!

: I've got a copy of Cocksucker Blues, and I have always found it kind of disappointing. It's just not that interesting. There are a few scenes that are memorable, including the famous airplane scene, and another of someone who may or may not be Keith shooting up. Mostly, though, it's just amateurish. The video and sound quality of my copy is poor.

I posted a lot about this one both at the old SW board and at the newsgroup. 1) yes it is disappointing to me too (yet it did well in our weekly poll with other fans). 2) It was never meant to be released, Stones went to court over it. 3)The boot that is out doesn't show Keef shooting up. But in the uncut never officially released full lenght version, which I and a few hundred fans got to see years ago, it shows Keef shooting up (or his identical twin, if not him).

: Let's Spend the Night Together is a reasonably good film, but it doesn't stick in the memory the way the others do. The sound is excellent, but the song list is not the best.


: Oh, of course! One more - Jean-Luc Godard's "One-on-One", sometimes called "Sympathy for the Devil". The film is of some interest because it shows the Stones working on "Sympathy" in the studio. But it's so self-consciously arty that it's just about unwatchable. Maybe if you were really, really, really stoned. But even then, it would be iffy.

You need to do what I and other fans did. Get rid of the non Stones shots and then you got one great movie. Just to see how they put that song together is once again, a must for all true fans. But that other crap is unwatchable. If you can't edit your copy, hold on to your remote and fast forward the non Stones parts. They are that bad.

: Then there's the Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus, which is very entertaining and has some very strong performances. I can't understand why they didn't want it released..

Great show! The true reason it took years to show it was after it was first held up for technical reasons, the Stones parted ways with Brian. Mick wanted to reshoot it with Mick Taylor. But they never got around to it.

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