Flowers and Metamorphosis

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Posted by ELMO LEWIS on May 31, 1999 at 02:11:41:

about a week ago i bought flowers and metamorphosis from an old record shop (only cost me 6 bucks for both albums !!) anyway, i always heard meta sucked but i thought id give it a try so i put it on the turntable first side BIG MISTAKE worst stuff i ever heard the stones do especially that heart of stone my god what narcotics where they taking when they recorded this shit!!??! i was about to burn the recorded but decided to check out the second side first WOW some of these songs kick ass (mick mumbles a bit too much on most of the songs though) i liked I Dont Know Why, If You Let Me, and Family especially.
im kinda wondering why these were outtakes especially with Family which would have sounded great on beggars banquet. And then theres Flowers . i never heard Out Of Time before and its great. If they left that on the american version of aftermath it would have been a much better album i think. My Girl, Ride On Baby, and Sitting On a Fence sucked donkey dick. Take it or Leave It was ok. Backstreet Girl and Please Go Home are two of the greatest songs they did in that Between the Buttons period and i have a couple questions about em. Did Brian Jones play the accordian on backstreet girl ? Who plays the Bo Diddley -like guitar on please go home? im thinking its Jones cause hes the one who played the guitar on Mona but it kinda sounds like keith too. Anybody else have any opinions about these albums or the songs on them?

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