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Posted by THE JIMMY WHITLEY on May 30, 1999 at 14:28:06:

In Reply to: Re: Re: Re: Re: More Ten Things Heard at a Stones Concert posted by Oh and then there's.... on May 30, 1999 at 12:12:28:

: REALLY loud, me fucking up my own tape.

Hello O.A.T.T.!!

Don't be so hard on yourself! At least you have learned from it!

You have reminded me of a few things that I must of read about or happened to a friend a long time ago or at least more than the seven year statute limitations etc!
Here's the scenario: While tapeing somebody saying loudly, "Is that a microphone?... You're TAPEING THE CONCERT?..(turning to friend) HEY,..THIS GUY OVER HERE IS TAPEING THE CONCERT check it out!..(Dude #2 speaking not as loud yet still heard on tape) How do you know know He's tapeing this? (LOUD Dude#1) BECAUSE SEE THE MICROPHONE RIGHT THERE?....and...HE PROBABLY HAS A TAPE DECK SOMEWHERE...(To you)HEY DUDE!! THATS PRETTY COOL!! HEY...LIKE, HOW DID YOU GET ALL THAT STUFF IN MAN? CAUSE LIKE, THEY FUCKIN' TOOK MY PIPE MAN....Oh!...SORRY..sorry dude, your tapeing.(turning to dude#2) He's tapeing so we gotta kind of be quite.(dude#2)ASK HIM IF WE COULD GET A COPY? (dude#1)hey..would it be cool if like we could buy a copy of that or maybe trade you some smoke or a few lines cause my girlfriend was suppose to go with us but then her cat like got really sick and she got freaked out so she stayed home! (getting louder) man her fucKING CAT CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT MAN? Oh yeah.... sorry, I hope this tape turns out good! (after the taper tells him they can have a copy if they shut up, about 45 seconds of actuall silence go by until you hear DUDE#1) I can't find any paper to write my address for you so since your tapeing this I will just tell you it's BOB JONES and my adress is 1234 DAY.....YOU GET THE IDEA! Later,Jimmy

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