Re: Battle of the Century II - No Security vs. Get Yer Ya Ya's Out

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Posted by Ric on May 21, 1999 at 13:54:12:

In Reply to: Battle of the Century II - No Security vs. Get Yer Ya Ya's Out posted by Lord Voodoo on May 21, 1999 at 11:52:23:

: I can't believe what I am reading below. Are people actually of the opinion that Ya Ya's is inferior to NO Security?????!?

: Before I start, let me say this. When I say things like such and such is bad or sucks, it means that it is still good, just not as good compared to what the band has done at other times. OK, so lets begin

: Ok, first off. You are comparing two different era's. The live era with Mick Taylor was flat out the best period of the band's live music. Seeing that Ya Ya's is the only official recording of that era, one would assume, as long as it is good, that it is better. I dig Ya Ya's, it has a clean rough sound that is 100% rock and roll energy. The songs kick ass one after another all the way through the album. In short I have absolutely nothing bad to say about Ya Ya's. It is routinely considered by fans of other bands to be the best live album ever. In my book it will always be the best and my favorite live stones recording. It from 1969 and there isn't anything at all better from that tour available.

: As for No Security. It's from a weak live era to start off with. The band is slightly better now than they were in 75, but they are playing weak songs, with horrendous solos if they play any at all. In fact what passes for solo's now tend to sound like nothing more than an extended conga line. However, I loved the sound of the 75 tour. It paled in comparison to 76,78, and 81, but it was still cool. Love You Live is a crappy, hastily done peice of garbage that shows one of the bands worst tours, and does a bad job at that. As for the songs on NS, they mostly suck. Waiting on a friend is cool, gimme shelter is a good try, but a peice of junk compared to any time it was done in the taylor era. Memory Motel would be good if DM was not one there, and the rest of the songs flow by. The B2B songs blow. You got Me Rocking is ok, but it is still a poor effort comapred to the 70s rockers. And finally Live With Me which has the distinction of being on both albums is terrable compared to Ya Ya's version. It lacks no heart, and just sucks in general.

: In short the album is fun to listen to, and its a very good live album. But for the Stones it is a sample of a weaker tour and it contains either weaker versions of good songs or bad songs, with the exception of a great Waiting on a Friend.

: I could go into more detail but Ya Ya's is so much better to me, that I don't feel I need to legitimize it. Does anyone really think NS is better? Recording wise yes it is, but that's it.

I can't agree with you more. There's really
no camparison at all. Hell, Love You Live
isn't all that bad. Thats the way it was, rough
and Rock n' roll. The El Mocombo side is still
one of my favorites, rough or not......Keith,
of course, was completely straight. Ric

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Subject: Re: Re: Battle of the Century II - No Security vs. Get Yer Ya Ya's Out


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