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Posted by Hard Knox and Durty Sox on May 20, 1999 at 23:48:00:

In Reply to: Re: Can Mick and Keith still write great new classics? posted by Bjarke on May 20, 1999 at 08:53:16:

: I think it`s also a matter of defining what a classic is! is it a song that sells (have
: stones-singles ever sold very much?), or is it a song that people want to hear live?
: in that case Out Of Control and Saint Of Me is already huge classics. Or is it that the
: songs have to enter fans top 20/40. what is a classic!
: To me SOM & OOC are huge classics, and from voodoo Lounge out of tears and I go Wild
: are on my top 20, and if they had put some fairy dust (as Keith calls it :-) on Honest man,
: that would have been there too.
: I think an interesting question for people who are looking for new classics is: what do you
: expect from a classic?
: Im very content with the Stones Musical progresion, and have no complaints at all. And
: yes, i really like B2B!! :) infact I think it`s brilliant! And im happy that they are trying new
: thing, cos` im afraid the alterbative is no Stones at all, and isn`t a scary thought!

: Just some thoughts!
: best wishes
: Bjarke

I really wasn't thinking of sales at all. I think the dictionary definitions would do fine, i.e. songs of lasting artistic significance, or songs that are a model of excellence, but of course, subjectivity will always enter into it at some point. For example, I consider "Jumpin' Jack Flash" to be a classic, but I think that if 100 Stones fans were polled, at least one of them would say that JJF is overrated, and really isn't that good.

For me personally, it's a combination of my feelings and intellect that tell me when a song qualifies for classic status. Specifically, I find the song to be moving, it contains outstanding melodic ideas, and it stands the test of time (although obviously that can't be known immediately!).

I'm with you on the scary alternative. Regarding B2B, Mick was quoted as not wanting to make another typical Rolling Stones album, or words to that effect, and he could very well jump ship for good if the band doesn't accomodate him now and then. I think having albums like Dirty Work, Undercover, Steel Wheels, etc. is much preferable to their breaking up or retiring. However, in the case of Emotional Rescue..... ;-)

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