Re: Can Mick and Keith still write great new classics?

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Posted by Loyal Stones Fan on May 20, 1999 at 05:36:04:

In Reply to: Can Mick and Keith still write great new classics? posted by Hard Knox and Durty Sox on May 19, 1999 at 23:23:28:

: So all that was from the e-mails. Keno did follow up with some more comments, which weren't included here. A few things to add:
: 1. I think the Stones still put out lots of good music, I just don't think it's on a par with their very best work way back when. I even like most of B2B. Aside from the Stones, I listen mostly to music other than rock nowadays.
: 2. I'd like to see the Stones continue working together, and experimenting in the studio is OK with me. After all, recording the original Sympathy for the Devil as a samba, putting the choir in the original You Can't Always Get What You Want, and the strings and Asian motif of the original Moonlight Mile could be considered experiments of sorts. I would like to see them simplify the studio work, reduce the overdubs, no need for 5 guitar tracks or 4 keyboard tracks on a song - that's overdoing it.
: 3. About this board, I'm relatively new and was not familiar with the old SW and Exile boards that people mention, but I don't understand all the acrimony. I would think we'd be natural friends, being mutual Stones lovers, and certain animosities would more logically be directed at the Stones-haters out there. Instead, people tear into each other violently here over relatively minor things, like which album they like better.

: Comments, anyone?

Concernng your last paragragh, I agree. Stones Fans attack each other all the time, on these message boards. It's the old "power/jealous" thing, I guess. I have pondered the following many times: "why can't each of us be accepted
on our individual merit"? Everyone comes from a differnt place, but one important thing stands out, "we all love the Stones and their music" and it is the "music" which is all important, right?
So, what I'm asking is, why all the arguments and why are there some people on these boards who want to play "god" and decide who is welcomed and who isn't on these wedsites? (by the way, it is my experience that the self proclaimed "gods" are the ones who actually start the round of problems to begin with.

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Subject: Re: Re: Can Mick and Keith still write great new classics?


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