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Posted by Joey on May 17, 1999 at 13:01:01:

In Reply to: front row experience from kansas city posted by ric on May 17, 1999 at 11:33:25:

: i recently saw the stones in k.c. on their ns tour and
: had the pleasure of sitting on the 1st row, keef side,
: with my wife, 7 year old son, brother and sister, and
: a very close friend. my son is a stones fanatic. he
: would rather watch stones videos than cartoons. anyway,
: my son is a big keef fan so we made him a sign that said "little keef fan" for him to hold up. boy did that
: get keefs attention. when he strutted out and lashed out the opening chords to jumpin'jack and saw the sign,
: he grinned so wide and winked at my son right away. he
: looked at my son, winked, and smiled at him the whole
: show. we received a total of 4 guitar picks, 2 of them
: brought out by a roadie from backstage. but the real
: highlight was when the band returned from the b-stage,
: we were obviously standing by the runway, keef saw my son, stopped, knelt down, kissed his hands and then
: touched my sons head with both his hands, then shook
: my sons hand with both of his. man, what a moment. an
: experience my son and the rest of us will never forget.
: oh, the show was killer as usual. sitting on row 1 is
: the ultimate, especially at $90 (face value).

Your story moved me to tears...............It is lovely and beautiful.............Especially for $90.00 a ticket. I paid $125.00 for the same show and I lost my dope rushing to the "B" stage. Love.....Joey.

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