Beatles Beat up Bill Wyman

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Posted by From The Beatles Newsgroup on May 15, 1999 at 13:16:01:

I just saw this in the Beatles NG. I never heard this story before but it is a good one!

Re: George & John Bonham
Fri, 14 May 1999 18:07:02 -0700
Ric Napoli

Susan Peters wrote:

> I was watching VH-1's Legends: Led Zeppelin, and heard a really funny
> story.
> George was at John Bonham's 25th birthday party, in an LA hotel, and
> got into a cake fight with John. After throwing birthday cake back and
> forth, John picked George up and dumped him into the swimming pool!
> susan peters ~

What about the famous story where John and George were at
a party in London and were trying to get Bill Wyman's keys
away from him because they thought he was too drunk to drive
home. Wyman was refusing vehemently, so Lennon and
Harrison clobbered him to get him to give them his keys
and prevent him from getting killed in some freaking

The punch line is, the two Beatles had just finished pummeling
Bill Wyman and gotten his keys when Mick Jagger came out
of the club to see what was going on. As Jagger looked down
at Wyman passed out from drink and a blow to his head he
pointed out that the prone bass player had been brought to the
party by his driver!

The story originally appeared in Philip Normandy's book
SHORT! The Many Lives of Davey Jones, and I even read
an interview with Wyman in Cars From Kits Home
Hobbiest Journal (1978) where he said he didn't wanna give
the two his keys 'cause he was afraid he wouldn't be able to
get into his flat later on. "I hadn't even had that much to drink
when those to northern fairies split my head open," Wyman said

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