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Posted by Maxmeister on May 14, 1999 at 20:40:20:

In Reply to: Favorite Moments of No Security? posted by Fleabit Peanut Monkey on May 13, 1999 at 23:48:31:

: Now that the smoke has cleared and the dust has settled, I've been reflecting on what we saw on the No Security tour. In many ways, this was the best tour the Stones have ever done. There were certainly a fair number of dreams come true afforded us this spring. As someone else said a while ago, if somebody had told us even last year that the Stones would be back in '99 to play arenas, we would all have thought it highly unlikely. And once the tour started, even though many of us bitched about the warhorses, just stop and think about what we were privileged to witness! Some Girls...the raggedy glory of Rt. 66...the incredible version of Paint It Black....Keith doing You Got The Silver...I Got The Blues....Moonlight Mile.....and of course, Midnight Rambler on the B-stage! THAT'S the thing I still can't get over. At MSG in January 98, when Keith started playing "I Just Want To Make Love To You" (another moment I will take to my grave), I literally had to sit down-- because I thought he was starting Midnight Rambler. Afterwards, I thought, NAW, that would be TOO MUCH - Midnight Rambler on the B-stage? Get real! It would KILL people!
: So anyway, besides taking this opportunity to give thanks for what may well have been their greatest tour ever, my question is -- what was your favorite part of the No Security tour? I don't mean this as a poll so much as a chance to kick around some positive thoughts, and to put things in perspective.
: And Keno, how about a poll of which tour was their best? I'd be very interested to see the results!

: I vote for No Security.

What's amazing is their best and most professional tours have taken place between years 27 and 37 of their existance. After giving up almost all of the 80s, they come back and get better on each tour. I was privelage to see SW 3 times, VL 3 times, B2B 4 times, including 2 arena in Houston and NS 3 times. Sac 2 was great, Chi 2 was even better with the help of I Got the Blues. It all reached a crescendo with Vegas. Moonlight Mile, You Got the Siver, better sound, extended Midnight Rambler and others. IF they never tour again,( I just know they will ), The Boys did save the best for last.

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