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Posted by WaterRat on April 22, 1999 at 10:16:21:

In Reply to: Re: SanJoseII WOW-Backwards posted by Maxmeister on April 21, 1999 at 20:43:24:

: : Heading from and overload. Can't talk, can't walk.
: : What a fucking show! And I thought SanJose1 was good
: : Looking strong-Sounding stronger!
: : They hit every song last night dead on. EVERY SONG!
: : What a performance! Came out and down to business
: : from the get go. Don't know when I'm gonna come down.
: : Gotta go to work now. More later.-WR

: Sounds like this show came close to equalling the Vegas show. As you said below, Vegas was the best but sounds like The Boys carried on the momentum in San Jose. It might be splitting hairs when trying to say which gig was better than another, but it looks like they saved the creme de la creme for these last shows.

>Mr.Max, Missed you at The All Star in Vegas.
>Sorry running late, drunk and all. Your correct
>about rating shows. There was not fair show in the
>six I caught this tour. The last SanJose just
>blew me into the catskills. I don't know if it
>was the thought of (never) this could be the
>last time. I really don't want to believe that.
>It was just every song that night, was so on.
>Shelter was a real stand out as well as Rambler
>of course. "Tight" would be the one word to
>describe if I had only one word.
>Even Keef's songs ("THIEF", "DON'T MEAN IT")
>everything just jelled. His and the back-up's vocals.
>The boys were very tight this night. I NEED
>A VIDEO OF THIS ONE..Might have a connect for
>a sound boot. I'm working on it as of now and will
>keep you posted. If I get my paws on it, I'll burn
>you a copy. I'm still riding the wave.
>I was on the B-stage for the first Sacramento
>show it was a rush. Everything factored in,
>Crowd,song selection,quality of performance.
>my best show was second SanJose. I was on the E-bay
>auction last night and some guy was selling
>videos from afew shows(mostly back east) on this? tour!

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