VIVA Las Vegas

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Posted by Maxmeister on April 19, 1999 at 19:03:01:

Just got home 2hrs. ago after 4 days in Vegas. I'm not functioning well, so I'll throw out some random thoughts and observations. I can not believe there has been a better show on this tour than Vegas. Possibly equal but I don't see the boys giving anymore than what they laid out for us to consume last Fri. First, the sound at MGM is heads above all the basketball venues we have all been to. I could see when Mick hit the stage he was ready to lay it all out and did he ever. Every song seemed extra special, especially Moonlight Mile. The passion he exuded during this song was awesome. Even the 60% of the audience that weren't familiar with it really reacted. Keith prowled the stage like I had not seen in my other NS shows. YGTS was awesone. The word passion comes into play here, also. Woody seemed really into it and to me , sounded excellent. Charlie was Charlie, need I say more? I've got to bring up passion again....Midnight Rambler. Sooo good it was scary. I finally had seats near the B stage. Its more than worth the price of admission just for those three songs. Hopefully my pictures will do justice to what I was trying to capture on film. Stayed sober until after the show as usual. Just want to see, feel, and absorb everything the boys have to give. Last Fri. at the MGM they gave me and 14,000 others all we could ever ask for.

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