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Posted by mariajag on April 15, 1999 at 17:02:09:

In Reply to: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Christ, Mick, and Women posted by Dandelion on April 14, 1999 at 23:52:34:

: If you gals are gonna have a cat fight, have it up at the top of the board so us guys can hoot & holler.

There's just too much for me to repost, if they want to join in let them come down here. This is already hopelessly muddled in muliple threads

: : I think you're narrowing the field too far to call Mick merely; he is a supreme egotist. He is capable of being misogynistic to MEN too! :

: Yes, exactly my point, it is not an issue of that, but in the knee jerk public/press reactionary judgmental mindset, it is.

Knee Jerk??? IMHO, I completely disagree. As I have already posted, when a man who has always treated the women in his life badly then writes mysogenistic lyrics, I don't think there's anything innocent about it. (marsha & Karis were actually living on State Aid!! for a while before she won her paternity suit. And, of course both Chrissy and Marianne tried to commit suicide while they were with him. Not too many guys can drive consecutive girlfriends to this, whatever the circumstances.

Further evidence that his lyrics are intentionally mysogenistic:

1. He’ll compromise on just about everything else to get a hit EXCEPT his beloved women as golddiggers/prostitute theme (ie. Selling out rock for pop, revamping musical packaging-computerized drum rolls etc.)

2. Mick is widely considered a money-oriented excellent business man. But instead of shrewdly exploiting his sexy vocals w/women he often writes lyrics which most women don't want to hear. Mojo’s top 100 singers ranked mick’s voice at 16 despite his obviously limited range. (In terms of sexy vocals, my vote would have been 1 Elvis 2 bing crosby 3 mick)

Regarding his attitude toward men, off-hand I can’t think of any songs he’s written which would be considered…male misogynistic??? regardless of his personal behavior toward men. Also, IMHO, trying to dump the band for his own solo career doesn’t come close to the meanness he’s displayed to the various mothers of his children.

: I do not think his behavior has been admirable, if it is indeed what has been claimed in the press, but it did not clear Jerry for equally bad behavior. I suppose she's a woman and just can't help it, heh heh heh.

Jerry's equally bad behavior??IMHO sometimes his female fans overlook everything. I know he's sexy, but I'm just not as forgiving.

: : I would imagine that when you're the best at what you do, it's easy to be an egotist. My only defense of Mick is simply to say : he's Mick Jagger. Jerry knew that when she "married" him

Finally!!! Thank you FPM, at last there's a post I can agree with. IMHO the best way for Mick to write lots more hit songs is to see a psychiatrist first.

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