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Posted by Mariajag on April 14, 1999 at 14:09:18:

In Reply to: Re: Re: Re: Christ, Mick, and Women posted by Dandelion on April 14, 1999 at 12:26:45:

: : He publicly told a woman who was with him for over 20 years and bore him 4 children that she wasn't entitled to any money because the right legal papers weren't filed.
: When did he do that? I do not recall his publicist saying anything other than the fact that she cannot divorce him because they were never married.

If she can't divorce him, legally she's not entitled to alimony only child support.

: : Mick may have been legally in the right but public sympathy is nearly always for the victim ie Jerry.
: How is she the victim?
1)he's been cheating on her for years and now has a pregnant girlfriend
2)He gave her a quasi-marriage which he's now trying to weasel out of.

I'll admit that she's never taken responsibilty for how she's let him treat her but that's usually the victim scenerio.

Yes, him possibly getting the little indiscreet bimbo pregnant was not a good thing, but Jerry dragged the whole bit into the press as another chapter in the recent Jerry Hall Publicity Machine

Lucci, with the press's help actually did this. The Sun featuring Lucci's belly, the wires carrying the picture of Lucci dancing half-naked and 7-months preg. on a carnival float. The Lucci interviews.

It appeared that if she was truly concerned only about the children, she would have been discreet and handled it privately, instead of dragging their father and private lives through the mud.

I today posted in reply to Please Fill Me In that IMO her own potential health risks prompted her change in divorce strategy (from attack to amicable)

: The fact that it was not legal was all over the press shortly after it happened,and then when she threatened to leave him another time, so I do not think she is an idiot, and she knew full well what she was doing with her press manipulations.

I think the press realized that the majority of women would support her anyway given their situation (together 20 years,4 kids and his serial adultery) Kind of hard for any columnist to publicly come out defending him over Jerry.

: In fact, her self portrayal and behavior in a way was quite the sexist cliche.

I'm sorry but I don't see any evidence of Mick the Victim in this. Jerry has behaved like a victim and this is an excellent way to win public sympathy particularly if you're on legally shaky ground (and I know the marriage was immediately questioned.)

: All things said, his behavior during all this was not in a misogynistic manner, IMHO.

It was actually the installing a lover next to her hotel suite and joining Carla the day after she gave birth to Georgia which I thought were glaringly mysogenistic. ie not just cheating but cruel. (he has also cheated on every pregnant lover he's ever had and IMO it just seems much crueler to cheat on a pregnant woman)

IMHO if Mick's female fans didn't still find him sexy they wouldn't be trying so hard to defend his bad behavior. With my nonstones fans friends, I try to defend him when I can and give up when I can't.

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