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Posted by Dandelion on April 14, 1999 at 12:26:45:

In Reply to: Re: Re: Christ, Mick, and Women posted by mariajag on April 14, 1999 at 05:28:35:

: He publicly told a woman who was with him for over 20 years and bore him 4 children that she wasn't entitled to any money because the right legal papers weren't filed.

When did he do that? I do not recall his publicist saying anything other than the fact that she cannot divorce him because they were never married. The press and public have tacked on the other stuff as a projection and narrative cliche.

: Mick may have been legally in the right but public sympathy is nearly always for the victim ie Jerry.

How is she the victim? Yes, him possibly getting the little indiscreet bimbo pregnant was not a good thing, but Jerry dragged the whole bit into the press as another chapter in the recent Jerry Hall Publicity Machine she had been working for over a year before by parading her children through the tabloid and style rags, as well as her announcements of giving up modeling (was she even working?) to make way for Elizabeth and concentrate on raising her family. Of course nothing is wrong with that to some extent, it is part of that celeb culture, but it did seem a tad tasteless at the time, and juxtaposed with the "divorce" scandal, it was taken to a new level. It appeared that if she was truly concerned only about the children, she would have been discreet and handled it privately, instead of dragging their father and private lives through the mud.

:: (even though obviously she should have taken responsibility for ensuring her marriage's legality.)

The fact that it was not legal was all over the press shortly after it happened, and then when she threatened to leave him another time, so I do not think she is an idiot, and she knew full well what she was doing with her press manipulations.

In fact, her self portrayal and behavior in a way was quite the sexist cliche.

: : I think the general public's reaction was rather telling, and cliche.

: I think the public's reaction shows the enormous change that has taken place in society in terms of how a man can treat a woman. A better example of this change is the Marsha vs Lucci sagas.

: From what I've read, when Marsha tried to bring a paternity suit against Mick, he immediately attacked her for lying/trying to get money out of him etc and the press supported him and attacked her.

This is true, and I think Jerry knowingly played the press like an expert musician, knowing the climate of the times. She is not stupid, she knew she was not legally married, yet she screamed about wanting a divorce. It seems pretty obvious to me. Politicians and celebrities make a living out of manipulating the press, but of course it is a dangerous game, it can backfire.

All things said, his behavior during all this was not in a misogynistic manner, IMHO.

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