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Posted by Dandelion on April 13, 1999 at 15:42:28:

Nice to meet Marilyn and see Ridgley again.

FPM and I went to Muddy Water's grave earlier in the day (second attempt, we went Saturday and the gates were already closed. We considered jumping the gate, but did not want to be arrested.) The cemetery is Restvale in Worth, or Alsip, we could never figure that out, and NOT easy to find. There are a whole bunch of old blues guys buried there, including Hound Dog Taylor, whose tombstone it appears has been nicked. We found the plot, but only a slab (the slab that is under all the flat head stones) and some unmarked spaces also. We mentioned it to the office, and they said it could be stolen, but also, a lot of the old blues guys couldn't afford headstones, so their graves are unmarked. A shame. We placed flowers at the slab anyway, since it is in the right area, and someone stole that headstone for a reason. We never made it to the Hard Rock Cafe, maybe it's there.

Muddy's grave was, well, muddy, and had grass clippings on it. We cleaned it off, and decided to go out and get more flowers. I wove a silver streamer from the Milwaukee show (you can tell I clean out my car often) around the flower pots.

Show was very good of course. They played I Got the Blues. The sound was very good in our section (side of stage, Ron's side), until that point. They turned up the sound and it became distorted and kind of sucked. Oh well. Jonny Lang was great, and Leah Wood and Elizabeth Jagger sang back up on Lie to Me.

The security was laid back, that is, until this asshole guy in front of me kept pushing, by repeatedly smoking and moving into other sections, so Nazi Security Woman was called in. It is always fun to be distracted. Interesting to watch the power struggle. First, another security guy was called, this one wearing a different jacket than the original, then, later, top supervisor security came in. Interesting how that works. It seems if you are lucky and there are no assholes in your section, you can pretty much enjoy a relaxed show, and move up at times if you are discreet and unobtrusive. FPM had no problem the whole show moving to the front to snap some pictures, until the jerk guy created a scene and got more security people there. We had a hard time moving up at the end before SFTD, but got through when Nazi Security Woman looked away. The seats were already abandoned, I guess some people are in a hurry to get out of the parking lot, or have never heard of encores.

Another odd thing, when we got to our seats, I placed my coat on the inside of my seat, not overlapping at all, because I am always careful not to do that, and the BIG FAT PIG WOMAN next to me started moving and rearranging it IN MY SEAT. She then yelled at the people behind us for talking (funny, FPM and I did not notice them talking). She left, then another woman by us said she yelled at her for dancing when Jonny Lang started playing. BFPW was later seen several rows IN FRONT of us all, so she got an upgrade for bitching about normal behavior. How lovely.

People should leave Ron Wood alone.

More later.

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