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Posted by Keno on April 10, 1999 at 14:04:38:

In Reply to: Here's to all you senior citizens posted by stickyfingers on April 09, 1999 at 20:43:21:

: I'm a young stones fan of nineteen years young.

I think the key word in your opening sentance is the fact that you are 19 years "young", and not old. As already pointed out by a few below, you do need to grow up more and we don't mean that as a insult. There is nothing more that makes me happy than to see a young kid who claimes to love the Stones. But from what you write it doesn't seem like you really love them. You need to understand what went on in the 1960s to understand what rock music meant back then and why an album like Beggars Banquet was such a hit and still is today. You also need to open your eyes on the truth of drugs and those of us who were caught up in that mess we call the '60s. Open your eyes and see the light. There is a lot to look back on. Just don't putdown what you don't know or understand. The early part of your post seemed to be more of a putdown of the babyboom generation Stones fans. We really are good people. So most of us did drugs, your generation does too. That will never change no matter what the laws of the land are, which for the most part are unjust. Yes, your mind needs to grow some more. Time will help, it is on your side. You will see that light and and grow. Then maybe you will understand where BB & Let It Bleed are coming from and why they are great albums.

One last thing. I do like different viewpoints here and welcome them. Saturdays for the most part are dead around here and I thank you for waking everone up and getting them to post on a slow day. But there is one thing that I would rather not see at this board, that being off topic stuff. I don't have a problem with your comment on SOM (but I don't agree its anit-Jesus). But please leave your praising of jesus for your church, some of us here are non believers and if anyone wants to talk about that, then go to the proper newsgroups/boards to voice our views on it there - not here.

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