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Posted by Old Fart on April 10, 1999 at 00:45:07:

In Reply to: Here's to all you senior citizens posted by stickyfingers on April 09, 1999 at 20:43:21:

: I'm a young stones fan of nineteen years young.

Glad you let us "old farts" know that up front, it tells us a lot about you and just how much you still have to learn about life. All 19 year olds think they know everything, but about 10 to 15 years from now you will realize how much you didn't know. It happens to most people as they age, its called maturely. Your post shows you got a lot to learn.

: I'm tired of hearing about all your bull shit about B2B. None of you old farts appreciate an album like this because your brains have fried out because of all those freakin drugs you used in the sixties and seventies.

Oh I see. Guess the good old D.A.R.E. program "fried" your brain. So its the drugs we took that did this to us. Maybe we don't like B2B because it just sounds like a piece of crap, a lot like all the other crap that is put out today. BTY, if its the "freakin drugs" that "fried out our brains" as you wrote, then if that's the case how did the Stones, who did more drugs than anyone of us "old farts" did, write, record and put out B2B to your liking? Sounds to me you need to smoke a joint and cool out a bit. Man, your a drag!

:I'm also tired of hearing that Let It Bleed and Beggars Banquet are the best Stones albums.
: I and went out and bought those cd's after reading your reviews. I couldn't believe how overrated songs like "Gimme Shelter", "Monkey Man", and "Midnigh Rambler". The 40 second instrumentals to those songs is whats good about about them nad thats it. The only solid good songs were "country honk" and "You Can't Always get What You want". Beggars Banquet and Let It Bleed don't have the fire and spunk like StickyFingers, Exile, Some Girls, IORR, and,Tatoo You. None of you give Tatoo you any credit even though it was the most successful album the Stones ever put out. The only good songs on BB are Sympathy, Parachute, and Prodigal Son. The rest is jangly nonesense. Let It Bleed and Beggars Banquet are good but not as good as you say.

Ok, so that's your opinion, it don't mean your right or wrong, just don't put down what others like. Grow up!

:Also on the song of Any Body Seen My Baby. I bought B2B because i heard that song. That song, and the album changed alot of my friends' image of the Stones. None of them thought the Stones could put out music like that.

Most of us "old farts" wished they haden't put out that kind of crap. Since none of your friends went out to buy the album and total sales for B2B were a nightmare, lets hope the Boys see the light and get back to their old roots on the next album. Then you will see sales go up. Us "old farts" have lots of cash to spend and the Stones know it.

:The stones are not trying to be hip they just want to show everyone they can play any style they want.

They were trying to be hip, period. They already knew (& us "old farts" knew too) they could play any style they wanted. The Stones proved they could play any style long before you were born.

:The reason why it didn't sell is because none of the radio stations ever played any of the singles accept maybe once.

Bullshit! I can't tell you all the countless times I had to listen to ABSMB. All the singles were played plenty. At least in the free world.

: Or it could be because i live in Houston.

Ah! Now we all understand. Sorry to hear that you don't live in the free world.

:Beside's no one want's to hear anti- Jesus songs like SOM.

I love to hear anti- jesus songs! It's great to hear all sides, if you listen to nothing but pro-jesus stuff you end up brain washed. Not that Saint is a anti jesus song. Mick is just singing about the truth. He will never be no saint, thank goodness! BTY, most of us "old farts" love this B2B song.

:it's a good song, it could have been alot better with different lyrics.

If SOM had different lyrics it would not had made any sense, kinda like some of what you write.

:the Stones need to grow up and realize that Christ is the greatest thing that ever happened to mankind, before its too late for them.

Maybe YOU need to growup. Its a free world out there where the Stones live. If they don't want to believe in your god that's up to them. The majority of people who live on planet Earth do not believe in your jesus. To bad you are already brain washed, a brain is a terrible thing to waste on a phony god.

:I love the stones,

It don't sound like it. Most of your fellow jesus freaks in Texas would ban all the Stones music if they could, you know that's no lie.

:but nothing is more pathetic than a fifty year old nympho, pretending to be rebel.

He's pretending? If Mick is not a rebel, then there is no real rebels. You really don't know dick about this band you claim you love. How can you know Mick and say he aint no rebel? You really DO have a lot to learn.

:Give it up Mick.

You say you love B2B. You say you love the Stones. What do you want Mick to give up? First you claim you like the new album and the fact that the Stones are hip and can play your type of style, then you put down Mick for doing just that. Yeah, that makes sense, boy. Your the one who needs to "give it up".

:Oh, and one more thing. If the Stones are so much better than the Beatles like most of you say, why are the Beatles whoopin them in sales. I'd like to know myself.

99% of us "old farts" who were Stones fans in the 60s were also Beatles fans. We love the Fab Four! Just shows some more how little you know. Just because 3 or 4 of the younger "old farts" (the ones in their 30s)who hang here don't care for the Beatles don't mean "most" of us feel this way. Hell, Keno has a Beatles web site. Open you eyes little boy! Or are you a little girl? You sound like a boy to me.

Please, go hang with your fellow teens and in ten or so years when your a little wiser come back here and maybe by then you will understand us. One thing though, we DO understand you, we all were 19 once so we will not hold it against you. But remember, one day you will be the "old fart", if you are lucky.

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