So you think the Stones can't write a hit, huh. I'll tell you why they can't write a popular hit.

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Posted by Lord Voodoo on April 09, 1999 at 11:44:44:

Mick Jagger has been trying to stay hip for 40 years. For the most part, he has. They managed in 1981 to pull one gigantic rabbit out of a hat that many people said was empty. Start Me Up. That was the Stones last super popular song. And you kow what, it isn't even one of their 100 best songs. Its a poppy peice of nothingness. But that is another argument for another day.

I have the extended Saint of Me single where som eidiot remixes the song into a dance beat background. It sucks. But I played it for one of my friends who is really big into the trip hop, electronic music scene, he liked it. Its pretty good, its still a bit too Stones though. Oh so it has too much rock into it I though. That's just it. The stones cannot be accepted for hip musicians if they are not willing to completely cast aside what they have always done. Every time I hear a new electric sounding stones song from B2B especially I think this. It is not so much 2 solo albums as has been sugested that I hear. It is Mick, being swayed by the producer types, telling himn to drop the rock and pick up the electronic computer rap bullshit. Vesrus Keith who just wants to rock and play some nice songs every now and then. Its not like there is a war going on, but it seems obvious that one man wanted to go one way and the other wanted to go the other way.

The stones are never going to create a hip song if they change to suite the masses. For most of us, the most recent favorite album is Voodoo Loungue. That also won a grammy, alot of people own it. It had no big hit, but it was more or less praised as a descent effort and album. Yeah, I know grammy's are meaningless but just try to understand what I am saying. So the stones fresh off winning a grammy come out with something that is supposed to be hipper stones and it sucks. Perhaps Mick and Keith will one day come to agree that music has always been about bringing the masses around, not following the whim of the masses.

Don't ever tell them what they can and can't do. If you think that Mick's songs are no good now and outdated because he is occasionally anti women, then you need to learn a bit about human nature. A song is about what you are currently thinking. If the stones followed what the masses wanted them to do, then Exile on Main Street would never have been made. People said they had lost it after that album. yeah ok.

Artists that do what they are told become one hit wonders. Artists that make music their own way com out with hits occasionally, but at least they aren't accused of selling out. Right now, the stones are walking a fine line between selling out and kicking ass again. Lets hope they don't sell out and listen to you

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