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Posted by Maxmeister on April 05, 1999 at 21:33:00:

In Reply to: Re: Re: A theory posted by Lord Voodoo on April 05, 1999 at 17:04:56:

: : It's hard to say what would had happened if Mick didn't change his ways but lets be glad that he did. Altamont had something to do with it but not all of it. Brian Jones's death a few months earlier did hurt Mick, regardless of what some have reported. Bill Wyman was quoted as saying that Mick broke down crying over Brian's death the morning of the Hyde Park Memorial Concert. I think he saw the light on just what some drugs can do to you if your not carefull, he saw it in Brian even before his death. Then a few short years later other friends & rock stars were dying, he saw what was happening to Keef and finally saw the light and cleaned up his act. So I think it was more than just one event.

: Agreed to an extent. I think Mick's biggest change occured when he married Bianca. They survived Brian's death and to a poin they thrived. Not because of brian's leaving but although it hurt them I think it was a burden that was lifted. They didn't have to worry that he was going to kill himself because he did. It also may have inspired them a bit, in what songs I have no idea but it may have.

: The core group was broken up when Mick married Bianca. She didn't like Keith or Annita, Therefore they all tried to accomadate her. Only they all gave up quickly. Mick was left to his own with Bianca. I think the social dissaciation that occured (instead of spending 24 hours a day with keith and annita he was only spending 14 or so. That disassociation caused him to do less of what keith was doing. Thus less drugs.

From what I have read over the years, one of Mick's basic traits is to be always in control of himself. His younger days of drug use, he would play the game like most everyone around him, but usually to a lesser extent. Maturity, marriage to Bianca[ and the social circles that came with it], Brian's death, Altamont, etc. all contributed. Perhaps witnessing what Keith was doing to himself in the late 60's and early 70's, was a major catalyst, also.

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