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Posted by Cockroach on March 29, 1999 at 00:12:27:

The first Hartford show seemed somewhat average to me. I sat right near the stage, sorts behind/side of it. I dunno, but I think it may have contributed to what I thought was poor sound quality (then again, I've seen many shows in Hartford and the sound has never been great to begin with). The sound DID improve somewhat during "honky Tonk". the highlights of the show (for me) were: "Some Girls"..powerfully done version. "Paint It Black"...the crowd went NUTS (especially two girls in the row in front of me...more on that later). "You Got The Silver"...FINALLY got to hear this one live. Keith's vocals were GREAT! :-! "Before They Make Me Run"..another of my favorites. Keith introduced it by saying that he lived here in CT (wild appause) and ended it by saying it aws "nice to be home" (more applause). "Get Off Of My Cloud"...great selection for the small stage. A HELL of a lot better than '75. lastly, Mick and Keith, crossing each other's path on the backstage walkway during "Brown Sugar" actually stopped and shook each other's hand! LOL!!! Oh, and one I forgot..as the boys headed out to the small stage, Chuck bumped into Charlie 'cause he wasn't walking as fast as Chuck. Well, Charlie turned around, a surprised look on his face, then, upon seeing who had bumped him, he grabbed Chuck and started dancing with him! It was hilarious! :-)

Of other interest. Mick's energy level is just INCREDIBLE! He almost singlehandedly turned an average show into a great one...almost. Another good thing (because of where I sat) was that I was physically closer to the stage than I'd ever been. You get an interesting perspective of things that the rest of the arena is oblivious to. For instance, the roadies had an incredibly system for instrument changing. The guitar cases seemed to have #s and song titles on them and were all neatly stacked before the show. As Keith or Ron would need a new guitar, the roadie would retrieve it from its case and pass it up from under the stage. The replaced guitar would be put into it's own case and, when discarded, would be trotted away. VERY efficient.

Now, about the girls...There were young people (under 20) all around me and my buddy. Two of 'em were 17 year old girls. I thought they'd all come for the Goo Goo Dolls but, once the Stones came on, they jumped up and danced thru the entire show. Their teenage enthusiasm was really a sight to behold. They REALLY went nuts during the older songs. Quite a surprise, yet also quite refreshing to think that another generation is grooving to this music! :-) On their way out, they started grabbing the green papers that marked each section as souvenirs! Ahh...to be young again! :-) It was their first-ever Stones' show and they absolutely LOVED every minute of it. They didn't notice the mistakes that I noticed, they just watched the World's Greatest Rock 'N'Roll Band perform an average show but, to them, it was the greatest show ever. Perhaps I've become somewhat jaded by seeing the Stones so many times. Wouldn't it be a wonderful feeling to recapture the experience of our first Stones' show?

Scope, Stonesdoug, and Max...enjoyed meeting you guys. Too bad the place was such a freakin' zoo. Would've loved to chit-chat some more with y'all...keep May 2d in mind (the record convention). Things will be a LOT less hectic then (I know...by NYC standards, Hartford probably seemed like a walk in the park! LOL!!!) The convention itself will get a little crazy but, when we're all done, we can repair to a quiet little tavern and discuss our ill-gotten booty and other important matters! :-)

Blue...you should've gotten back to the board earlier. max had a ticket with your name on it. I think you'll have a good time tonight, though, 'cause you'll probably get to hear "Moonlight Mile" (we got "Memory Motel" instead)
Sugar...We "Got The Silver" but we didn't "Sway" ;-)
Nanker...we missed ya, bud!
Storm...."Highwire" IS an anti-war song! LOL!!!
Keno....thanks for the space. :-)
Jaxx...where were YOU? You missed my six, hairy legs! LOL!!!

TO ALL...nytol! LOL!!!...CR

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