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Posted by Dandelion on March 27, 1999 at 09:43:11:

Show was great of course. Sound behind the stage was not good, but my friends by the B-stage said it was very good there. Very different vantage point from behind the stage. For one thing, even though there is a small screen that looks like a big TV up very high, I really couldn't see it while standing, so I did not have that constant visual battle between looking at the stage and looking at the giant ever present screen. I had a great seat, was quite close to the stage at the top of the first level, and I was over a doorway, so I didn't even have to see the back of the heads of people in front of me, only the back of the Stone's heads. Speaking of which, Keith's hair is even stranger from that vantage point. It is, well, indescribable. I have no idea what is going on there, but I would not be surprised if some creature hatched out of it mid show.

Security was tight, I clued my friends to when to make a move to the B-stage (they were very close), but security would not let them through. I noticed the guards clearing the aisles a lot too. The crowd was very mixed, agewise and socioeconomic. Too many women wearing tight low cut tops that, well, they really shouldn't. I chose baggy frumpiness as my fashion statement. Most were standing through the show around me, but one section got tired half way through and sat down most of the second half. The woman next to me also sat throughout most of the show (thank god, she had horrible breath), but as soon as the inevitables started, my nose was once again assaulted. I turned to look, and sure enough, she was back on her feet. She sat back down for SFTD. There folks, is you average Hot Rocks fan. She was also wearing a really tight low cut shirt...

Mick and Lisa played to the back quite a bit. Lisa fans got a good view, I'm sure FPM would have killed to be there. My friend was impressed that they are using vintage (at least 40 year old) amp equipment. From the back you really can see the "hidden" symbol linking this to the tour of 30 years ago. In fact, the Omega sign lit up right before Sympathy. Most everyone imitated Mick's arms forward gesture during the "whoo whoos" at the end of Sympathy while he was on the back catwalk. It was interesting to observe the crowd and performer performing the same act.

The visual effects of Paint it Black which were so effective in the very front of the stage did not come through as well in the back, but a little better than further in the stadium. All in all, I would highly recommend seeing the show from behind the stage (first level) for those who have seen it from the front, but I am not sure I would for those who have not. You really do not get the same show. It is different.

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