Standing at Shows

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Posted by Background Noise on March 27, 1999 at 09:19:52:

I know a couple of people have touched upon this in recent posts, but I had an experience at the second Boston show that just blew me away. For the first show, all was well and everyone stood except for a couple of people a few rows back, but, hey, that was their choice. But on the second night, I was sitting in a section with a bunch of corpses. About 5 minutes into the show, the people behind me started yelling for me to sit. I turned and told them that I wasn't going to sit for a Stones show, sorry, but we all paid good money to be there, and I wan't going to sit. (Mind you ALL other section and even the back of our section was standing). When I turned back, they threw a beer on me, and when I turned to basically tell them off, the guy punched me. It turned into a surreal situation with security and darkness and yelling. And basically, the security did nothing because "they didn't see it happen". The short of it was that I stood for the rest of the show (and if I had planned on sitting, I wasn't going to do it now). But I had a hell of a headache, and although I tried not to let it effect the show--it did. It put a damper on a show that in all other aspects was rockin and perfect. Now I have tshirt and a shiner to remind me of the show. I guess I am really pissed that people have to be such asses. I mean we were all there to enjoy the show, and we all paid good money to be there, but they felt as if it was ok to sucker punch someone because they wanted to dance to the music. Something is wrong with that. Seriously wrong. Sorry that this post has turned into a bitch session, but I was and am still blown away that during "Live with Me" I was slammed by a "fan". I will never forget it.

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