Why Steve Cronen Child of the...

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Posted by Syph ( on February 07, 2001 at 17:50:13:

...was a dick.

"Steve used to show up and pass out on his guitar. So we'd pretend like we were recording his guitar track and go out and vandalize his car." - Bill

"I mean, Steve wasn't a very likeable guy. He kicked poodles you know...It was just 'Sorry old cock, you're out." - Keith

"One time, I was posting on the board, and Steve Cronen got all fucking bent out of shape and started screaming Undercover. It really got on my tit after awhile." - Syph

"Sir Steve Cronen was a sensitive and misunderstood person. He only kicked poodles if they shit on his lawn, so it was really the poodles problem. Keith just hated him because Steve came up with better handles for his "Child of the..." character on the board than he could." - HotconnectionStuff

"Where am I?" - Maxlugar, Esq.

"Come on ice cream" - Billy Preston

",,,,steve cronenn, you should listen to 5/13/75,,,it's make you better guy,,," - marko :)

"Will you guys all just shut the fuck up - you too little Stevie Cronen Child of the Uhnnnde Covvvaah of the nniiiiiiigghtt..." - Keno

---Sorry in advance to all the people I've misquoted and/or offense you will/might take from this...it's all in fun people.


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