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Posted by Josh,Esq on March 21, 1999 at 19:56:03:

Got back late this afternoon and needless to say another incredible performance. Also, needless to say, another performance where the crowd is simply horrible.
The problem is that for those few of us posting on this board, we get this warped perception that everyone going to the show is as intensely into the Stones as we are . Truth be told, out of 16-20 thousand people, maybe 100 hardcore fans like us. People not knowing songs, people not knowing who Ronnie or Keith are, people thinking Bill Wyman is a guitar player in the band, people looking at me like I am some kind of lunatic when I start freaking out as the show begins.
Anyway, besides the show, the best thing about North Carolina was that the coliseum was right near the airport so i could get in and get the hell out of that redneck , right wing , anti woman, anti minority state.
At this point i am pretty burnt out, as you can see the number of my posts are dwindling. This tour has drained me of every emotion as it relates to the greatest group of men to bless our planet-the are so incredible it is no wonder that people hate them-jealous pieces of shit!
I know they won't pass up the $, but I wish they would cancel all English dates. The english despise the stones,laugh at them, have no respect for them, do not consider them within the top 25 english acts, and quite frankly, as much as I hate to admit it, the ticket sales for the english stadiums have been woefully mediocre ar best.
Anyway, I know where I will be come the millenium, at a Rolling Stones concert very close to my home. Laugh, but when have I ever been wrong.

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