PHILLY REVIEW - Reports or my Demise are premature

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Posted by Lord Voodoo on March 17, 1999 at 11:38:12:

Well, I am in mid stones form now. I just got back last night from a weekend of philly fun. I waited until today because I figured that maybe my brain would be working by now, but it really isn't, so if this makes no sense I am sorry.

I arrived in Philly on Friday night and basically woke up this morning out of a daze. This is what I remember.

After 3 full days and 4 nights of preparing for the concert with oof my friends and his roomate (I had two tickets and my friend had two tickets, him and his roomate and me and this girl I know) we were fully ready to go to the show. At this point I could barely walk, but we managed to get there arounf 5pm for a little pre show parking lot action. So the 4 of us hung out for a while in the lot, but it was cold and kind of wet (it had snowed like half a foot the day before). The girl I was with, who is super gorgeous and super cool, was getting bored in the lot, so we went in to a bar in the arena, stumbled around for a while, then fooled around for an hour or so. Then we went to our seats. Primo seats, behind the stage, but real real close. For any one who has behind the stage seats, they are pretty good. So then the Corrs came out and although they were ok, they still sucked, if you know what I mean, so we fooled around some more. Then she goes to get drinks and returns like an hour later (she has all sorts of friends who are at the show, so she hung with them a bit) She comes back, and the show starts.

The opened with JJF, some jack ass behind us startes screaming for people to sit down, but everyone got up and he shut his trap. It was real annoying, the first things I hear after keith starts JJF is "SIT DOWN!" Then I think they went to Bitch. Bitch was great, I was totally not expecting to hear it, and Mick starts it off by saying "this is about a bitch I know". Real good version. Then they plowed through a bunch of other stuff, that I expected to hear, and eventually came to Moonlight Mile, which was real nice, (the people around me were impressed I knew the lyrics, I was not impressed by these people. Somewhere in there was SomeGirls which was also great, Mick opened up by saying he was going to tell us a true story. Then more songs that were ok, and then keith did Before they make me run and his voice sounded good. Then he did the low point of the show, Thief in the Night. That song just bores me to death, sorryt but it does. I was hoping to hear Silver, but at least we got Moonlight Mile. Then the B stage, it rocked. They played 66, Whip comes down and Midnight R. They all Rocked, Rambler could have been longer it was too short. When the Whip comes down was great. Then back to the main stage where they kicked into HOT ROCKS MODE. But they sounded great. Brown Sugar was the highlight of the Warhorses, everyone was singing at the end for a while. Same with Stumbling Dice. The Encore was Sympathy, which was ok, too short though. They played 20 songs, I am sure that you can figure out what they were.

All in all the show rocked. Oh I forgot to mention, the girl I was with passed out, it was hysterical. You know the ending to Gimme Shelter, when everyone is climbing out of Altamont totally fucked up, with all the weird lighing, that is how I felt when we left, we all stumbled home, blaring Street Fighting Man in the car from Ya Ya's.

What a thrill, I could have done without theif and saint of me, and although they do a good job on out of control, I could have done without that too. I'll reprt back again after this weekend's Boston Show. Rock till you drop!

I'm still in a daze, what an experience

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