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Posted by rg on March 16, 1999 at 07:25:14:

In Reply to: Philly Set List - First Show posted by Klatu on March 16, 1999 at 01:02:22:

: Here's the set list from tonight as best as I can remember it. Too tired to do a full review right now - just got in and its 3:00AM.

: Suffice it to say the show was awesome!!!! The boys were all really on tonight and they all seemed to be having a real good time. Moonlight Mile was beautiful, Some Girls incredible and punky (loved this version)and Midnight Rambler was the best I've ever heard! Woody broke a string during Start Me Up and they brought out a new guitar for him and had a good laugh over it. All in all it was an outstanding concert and a truly wonderful night. Now for a few zzzzz's and its off to tonight's show... I'll tell ya, it just doen't get any better than this!!!

: 1. JJ Flash
: 2. Bitch
: 3. You Got me Rockin
: 4. Respectable
: 5. Honky Tonk Woman
: 6. Moonlight Mile
: 7. Saint of Me
: 8. Some Girls
: 9. Paint it Black
: 10. Before They Make Me Run
: 11. Thief in the Night
: 12. Out of Control
: 13. Route 66 (small stage)
: 14. When the Whip Comes Down (small stage)
: 15. Midnight Rambler (small stage)
: 16. Tumbling Dice
: 17. Its only Rock n' Roll
: 18. Start Me Up
: 19. Brown Sugar
: 20. Sympathy for the Devil (encore)

Great opening with the video in the tunnel. Anybody remember the '75 opening; to the opening chords of Honky Tonk Woman the stage(a folded tulip-shaped) unfolds with Mick looking out at the audience from atop the front petal! I thought Paint It Black was great, and the crowd loved it. Keith was more animated than usual tonite. I thought there was less special effects, etc. than B2B, but the song selection and execution were better. Great show.

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