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Posted by Keno ( on November 28, 2000 at 20:27:32:

In Reply to: Keith wiped out & overdubbed.... posted by Hot Stuff on November 28, 2000 at 15:24:58:

: some of Brian's parts on the Rock N Roll Circus video according to Sticky Fingers magazine.

Old news and at least partly true. I have the original boot of the Circus video that came out in the late 70s. On YCAGWYW, you can hear Brian's guitar and there is nothing wrong with the sound that was coming out of it. On the released Circus version, you cannot hear his guitar at all and it sounds like another guitar was added to the track.

:And to remove Brian's guitar off of HTW; that's enough to gimme, gimme, gimme, give me the Honky Tonk Blues!

It is simple why his guitar was taken off the track. Brian and the Stones had just parted company, they were about to release the song as a single and knew it was gonna be a hit. MT was not on the HTW....yet. Since MT was announced as Brian's replacement, they wanted him, not Brian on the new cut, so MT added his guitar and Brian's was removed. Since Brian was no longer in the band and MT was, that is why that went down. They didn't want to release a new single with the old member on it instead of the new member. I don't think Keef was being meansprited at all, it was business, that's all. This was the same reason why the R&R Circus was not released back then too.

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