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Posted by Sir Stonesalot ( on November 27, 2000 at 20:29:09:

In Reply to: rambling posted by casino on November 27, 2000 at 18:20:22:

Amen Brother/Sister. I was born in 1966. I do not know of a world not populated by the Rolling Stones. They have always existed. I've always liked them too. I didn't become fanatical until 1989, but I always thought the Stones where cool. Even when I was a Punk, and anything not Punk was shite, the Stones were OK by me.

The Stones are not a fad. They are not the flavor of the week. They never were. Hell, to the unwashed masses, they aren't cool anymore, and perversely, that makes them even more cool in my book. But isn't it funny, when they tour, they are the biggest grossing act out there. Bigger than the Backscratch Boys, bigger than N'Stink, bigger than Brittany's fake honkers, bigger than Madonna, bigger than Jennifer Lopez's ass, bigger than, well, any act out there. When the Stones come to town, entire entertainment sections of major newspapers are dedicated to them. Radio stations play Stones constantly. They are the shit. They are all that. They are da bomb. They are mine. They are yours. There is nothing else quite like them, yet EVERYTHING is kinda like them. They quite simply are the physical manifestation of Rock & Roll. The Rolling Stones are the rocks that are the very foundation of Rock music. The Rolling Stones are not just a band, they are a way of life.

Ain't No Hangin' Matter....

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