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Posted by Staffan ( on November 19, 2000 at 12:34:15:

Dear Gassers,
Finally I got to see Mick Taylor! My idol and hero... As some of you know, I met him a year ago, but didn't hear him play due to the train home which left before the show started.
The venue for this concert was like 150 miles away... But what the heck... if Staffan has decided to do something, he always does it :-)
If you want this show on CD, contact me. And read further down.

I and dad got to the venue about two hours before he got on stage. And we got the best fuckin table!!!
Two meters from the stage!!!
Dad said: "Their equipment ain't impressive, look at those old amps..."
I laughed and said "It's tube amps, vintage tube amps"

Anyway, Mick got on stage at 10 pm... and I was so bloody nervous, what if the employees would discover my Mini disc and the mick???? They saw it but didn't care!!!
So I could enjoy the music even more! He started with Secret affair after a cool intro.
But he didn't have a plectrum!!! How can he play like that without a pick?
And after that, Twisted sister, and I now I'm convinced that Mick Taylor is the best guitarist that's been in the Stones (well, I've always knowed that... but it looks great on the screen).
And after that a slow blues which accelerates, shit, I don't know the name of these songs, but he and Max Middleton plays very well together. Possible name is "Everybody needs somebody" cause he sings that pretty often. Or "Need some time" or "You where such a fail attraction". And a fantastic solo and lots of wha-wha! Well if anyone knows the name.. mail me!!
And then Goin' South. 20 minutes of solos, mostly from the other band members. I found the drummer a bit boring, but Max and the bass player blew me away. During the others solos, Mick took off his guitar, a sunburst Les Paul Classic and smoked and walked around the stage :-) Well for all you guitar freaks, he had two amps, a Fender 2x12 and also a Marshall 2x12, both combos of course.

And that was the first set, about 45 minutes long.
Over to set two:

Starts off with YOU GOTTA MOVE, which he does very different from the Sticky Fingers of course, but it's damned good. And 13 minutes long :-)
And then a quick change of MiniDisc in my recorder, and after You shook me,
a very jazzy tune, instrumental, says something like "Jacksons .... giddy-up, a long time ago" afterwards. What is the name of the song?
Great of course, but not really my cup of tea.
Then, a slow blues, with fantasticly great melodic solos... don't know the name of it again.
A line, (or clue:-) "Lived this life in vain" NEED HELP!
And then Blind Willie McTell. Starts with Max and Taylor on slide guitar... soft, but after two minutes the "hell breaks loose", well not quite... but the others join in anyway :-)
It's followed by the classic You shook me, which is a fav of mine, and the guitar playing is excellent, though the the zeppelin versions from 69 can't be beaten... although I prefer Taylors guitar than Jimmys on this one. And is rather long, 9 minutes.
I was in heaven when a fav of mine, Boogie Man begun. Heavy!!!

And directly after that, part two of CAN'T YOU HEAR ME KNOCKING!!!!!!
It's 9 minutes..... I was in heaven.... who the fuck is Carlos Santana??
Mick Taylor has everything.. and this song proves it all.. awesome control, fast fingers, fantastic sense for the melody, nuances, yeah, EVERYTHING INDEED.

And an encore of course, Fed up with the blues... hoped for Red House :-(...
But Fed up with the blues the band does very nicely and groovy OF COURSE!

Well, the recording is excellent audience, though hardly any loud voices or disturbing hand claps.
The only problem is that on a few songs, the mick vibrated, causing some very short glitches.
But you can live with that. If you want it mail me, and if there's a lot of interest we can make a CDr Tree maybe?

Well, my last words would be.....



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