Oh, I almost forgot

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Posted by nankerphelge on March 08, 1999 at 14:11:12:

Can't give a proper review without telling you all how Woody got fired up last night.
Unlike many of the reviews I have heard so far, Woody was quite engaged last night
He played well on the songs he was expected to -- didn't hide at all in the background.
And at into time he got up off Charlie'r riser, arms over his head walking to the audience with this great look of triumph
and then goes into what appeared to be a long drawn out yell at the audience with what appeared to be a very good-natured blue streak.
I saw at least two "fuckin's" among what appeared to be an appreciative show of -- testosterone I guess, it's hard to say, but it was great!

As for the others -- Charlie looked very collected, but with a certain spring in his step to and from the small stage.
Hate to say it, but he sure looked like he was enjoying one last go-around.

Keith was very cool -- accused DC of getting "quite the reputation"

One thing that I noticed is the smaller stage doesn't allow Mick as much back-and-forth movement that he has in the big stadium set ups. So he is forced to release that energy in and among the band.
The same magic of the small stage makes for a very close-knit band. And that intimacy translates to the whole audience because, ultimately, that's truly what we pay to see is the collective Stones work as one.
They did
I can see why everyone is saying there is something fresh here.
Well the day-long intermissiion is over -- off to Stonesdoug's party!

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