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Posted by Maxlugar ( on November 11, 2000 at 14:55:32:

Because I am a Stones fan, I am above others.
Understand, I am sympathetic to others' tastes though.
Sticky Fingers is better any groups best album.
Has Anybody Seen My Baby, is not.

When oh when will the Stones tour again?
If they don't, we will still have the best memories.
Let It Bleed should only be played LOUD!
Live With Me especially.

Prodigal Son has never really been played well live.
Respectable was VERY good live in '99
Everyone knows Charlie is good tonight and EVERY night.
Virgin priests are hard to find.
And it's because altar boys are too cute!
Indian Girls are cuter though.
Let the good Lord shine a light on THAT one!

Beast of Burden sounds even better acoustic
Even better than Sweet Virgina in my opinion.
Can Mick play a good lead guitar? Has he tried?
All About You is a waste of vinyl.
Undercover Of the Night is a hot tune.
Sucking in the 70's is their weirdest release.
Everything is Turing To Gold saves it, barely.

Get Up, Get out is great advice.
Only sometimes I'm too drunk to do that.
Richard or Richards, discuss.
Either a new album or new tour must happen this year!

If they don't do either, they may fade away.
Stop Breakin' down guys! Get up, get out!

Can You Hear the Music is good mood music.
Only when I'm laying down do I appreciate that one.
Run, don't walk, to your CD player now!
Respect the power inside. Stones music is infectuous!
Under my skin it stays. Like a pleasurable rash.
Please give Dirty Work another listen tonight!
To crank Had It With You is life's greatest gift!

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