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Posted by Marilyn the Tampa traveler as well on March 04, 1999 at 20:44:02:

In Reply to: Tampa posted by Josh,Esq on March 04, 1999 at 20:12:10:

: All I can say was this was the greatest of the 30plus shows I have ever seen. I'm really to tired to get into the details, but it was pure , unadulterated music, without any theatrics. Mick, Keith, and Charlie were totally into it. Regrettably, Ron is somewhat of a pathetic figure simply there for the ride.
: The party at Hattricks was great, except absolutely no room to move.
: About 19,000 people, mostly 35-50, with no real appreciation for any songs but the hits.
: As for me, I was 7th row center, and the highlight was an incredibly wicked version of Some Girls.
: Tampa is a disgusting, low class city, and I hope never to be there again, but for this one night, the Stones graced that red neck town with the greatest rock
: ever played.
: Tomorrow night 2nd row center at Ft.Lauderdale show .
: Finally, some of you will remember from the B2B tour, that I told you a special guest with the intials MM would join Smashing Pumkins at Orange Bowl-and in fact, Marilyn Manson did appear as I advised, Well, now, my source has given me some preliminary info about millenium show and I guarantee you it wil not be at MSG. I can tell you there will be a show with a MAJOR opening act. I do not yet have all the details and I will inform as I get more info-but I will say that I will not be traveling to far to see the show!

Well, my Stones show was fantastic! I was in almost the same spot as I had for Denver, stage right, first level, 2nd row, right near where the boys come over to play, dance etc.. I GOT SOME INCREADABLE pics that I wish to donate (e-mail me Keno) and I really enjoyed a few touching memories, like when Ronnie helped Mick dab his nose!! Mick went over to do his now well known blow (how things chage huh?) and Ronnie picked up a klenex and helped out...they both laughed about it! Then Mick and Lisa sunk to new lows by feeling each others' butt cracks (honest, not just cheeks for these two!) and the look on Lisa's face was, "You didn't think that I was gonna do that to you huh Mick?" Classic! I also loved it at the end, after the bows, when Mick and Charlie stood there and hugged each other, it was so touching, I shed a tear as they congradulated each other on the fine performance. I would have to say that Charlie really was hitting them last night, much more than in Denver, and Ronnie's guitar seemed to be up louder, finally, than Denvers' show. I have to disagree with Josh and say Ronnie moved around a bit more at this show than at the Denver one. I was at Hattricks before the show until 7:00 or so, and then afterwards when I walked in and walked out (too crowded). Soooo, I didn't see Josh, but have to agree that Tampa is a one horse, dead, and boring town...but it was only a Wed. night. So were the Stones staying at the Marriott Josh? Great show indeed!! The energy, the music, the fun of it all...God, how I love these guys!!!!

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