Just how many times are sex and drugs alluded to on Sticky Fingers

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Posted by Net Pimp ( on November 01, 2000 at 18:34:10:

I hear tons on "Brown Sugar." Hear him whip the women, brown sugar (it's original title was too shocking for the market and would hold it back from being a no. 1 due to censorship, "Black Pussy")
If there are any on "Sway" it is a mystery through some sort of message to me.
On "Wild Horses" I doubt there were references to it n a tender country ballad written for Anita Pallenberg by Keith.
"Can't You Hear Me Knocking" is all about that. We are treated with lines like "You got cocaine eyes" and other allusions to a druggie's life of addiction and of course, dirty sex.
"You Gotta Move" is an old blues number, that's perhaps about the same subject, dirty sex.
"Bitch" talks about love being a bitch. We hear "Yeah when you lay me out." This is all through my memory, not through listening over for all of the references.
"I Got the Blues" seems to be a tender slow soul number with no real druggy atmosphere, unless the guy with the blues is wasted on alcohol.
"Sister Morphine." Oh hell yeah! The lines about the ambulance, the blood-stained sheets, sweet cousin cocaine, takking the needle. This song is all about that heroin overdose.
"Dead Flowers" is maybe about an OD victim who wants dead flowers on their grave. Also, it talks about being in the basement room with a needle and a spoon.
"Moonlight Mile" might have those things. But I can't think of any right now.
Is there another album, or should I say, Stones album with any more. Only the psychedelic bands could match this sly depiction of the rock star life.

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