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Posted by Hot Stuff ( on October 11, 2000 at 17:46:40:

I bought One Plus One, alias Sympathy For the Devil. It was great to see the whole recording process for them; to actually SEE what Brian was like, as opposed to just reading about it. He was actually very cooperative, quiet, and harmonious during the whole thing; took a back seat willingly it SEEMED. Mick was a bit bossy, telling Charlie to liven it up. Always thought no one tells Charlie how to play...Bill never said one word throughout or changed his expression. Keith was Keith. Funny to see Mick screw up, "I haven't been around for many a long yearrr...oh SHIT!!" Was so so cool to see the different tempos, and change their minds about what instruments to use, with them all playing in a circle. The interweaving, story, however...welll, what do you say about it; it was a tad frustrating to sit through those parts. It left me with an UNEASY, queasy feeling as to why Godard chose to juxtapose all that racist, sexist, nazi stuff with the Stones; why do this? Seemed to me like he was making a judgement about the Stones, especially that part in the store where the nazi guy says that politicians have all kind of morals and conscience and promises until they themselves get into power, then it's forgotten. Is this implying that the Stones have taken the blues and just USED it to their own ends and then dumped it. Or that the Stones music is racist/sexist? Brian did once pose in that Nazi uniform...Am I reading too much into it? Any theories on this?

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