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Posted by THE JIMMY WHITLEY on February 28, 1999 at 13:12:30:

In Reply to: Re: Re: Re: Re: Toronto Set List-Saint of Me Back posted by Fleabit Starstruck Monkey on February 27, 1999 at 14:45:07:

I agree about the banjo/accordian/tin whistle. I am guilty of bringing my "day gig" (music store) problems on the board with me. Today at noon-5:30 is this annual event here in Sacto. called "Banjo-Rama'99" (NOT A JOKE) "Featuring Dick & Helen" (no last names,just Dick & Helen) So all week long at work it's been Banjo/Accordion THIS and THAT. At one point (VERY briefly) another guy and myself were, as a goof, get on the bill as "Ed and Ed" and do the most annoying version of dueling banjos AND a Stones/Zeppelin medley of some open "G" stuff since a banjo is also an open G (one of the strings is tuned different but we use the "Keith" open G instead) So it got to me and I let it effect my post. Once again you and I have yet more things in common!(big fucking shock!) I was AT one of The Pogues/Joe Strummer shows! What I am trying to remember is BESIDES London Calling, Strummer also did a very slow version of Police and Thieves?(I think but CAN NOT remember) You may or may not remember a while back the posted thread about Mick getting sick and can anybody get sicker and I told of my STILL on going annoying "Here 3 days, gone 3 weeks" cycle Flu? One of the advice follow up posts from You or maybe Nanker I can't recall but anyway the advice was to administer a few shots of Jameson's Irish. I then explained about having a VERY BAD EXPERIENCE with Jameson's. Do you remember that? IT WAS AT THE POGUES GIG! I recall very little of the evening after a certain point and learned my lesson!

As far as being starstruck about me...PLEASE! (Thanks though) I am just like anyone else, special in my own way but with faults etc. A "brief" story of the origins of the "THE Jimmy Whitley". Please allow me to introduce myself. I have ALWAYS been an individual. In my senior High School yearbook I actually was voted "Most Unique" and "Best Sense of Humor" (you notice no "most likely to succeed" though?) Anyway I get told a lot that I am "a character". As a kid I would go to our very large family reunion's where we would have name tags stating our name/parent name/grandparent name/etc. ( "Oh, you're so and so's grandson etc.) In my family it seems EVERY male Whitley has the first or middle name of James so you would see a lot of "Jimmy Whitley" name tags! (another reason for the parent/grandparent tag too) When I was about 12, I just decided there may be a few Jimmy Whitley at this picnic but I am "THE" Jimmy Whitley! The family got a kick out of it etc. Later in High School/College I had my own campus and radio and TV shows. On the High School TV show the introduction went, "The one, the only, THE Jimmy Whitley." So it sort of stuck. Flash forward to MODERN times now! When I started posting back on the GOIN'HOME board I knew that a lot of people from the U.K. were on it. There is this soccer star in England named Jimmy Whitley but I really know nothing about him. Anyway, you know how people will sometimes post under famous names of other people? I didn't want people to think I was just using this English soccer star dudes name so I resurrected the THE JIMMY WHITLEY bit. For the one or two of you still reading this, that's the story. You will be tested on this for your final, it is NOT open book and bring a NUMBER 2 pencil. Now to the more interesting stuff! For the record JIMMY WHITLEY IS THIRTY FOUR not 24. Last time Syph and I got together we talked about this "type-o" and both came to the same conclusion. Allow me to give the background before the conclusion. I too was excited that the stones used my quote on their board! I knew though that I would show it to someone who knows me and they would say, "this is some OTHER Jimmy Whitley from Sacramento. He's younger." etc. So I contacted the webmaster and informed him/her about the error, gave the "McPaper" as a reference of my age.(You know I JUST recently GOT the McReference. good stuff!) As you can still see NO CHANGE in age. I then contacted Jake Berry, the stones tour manager, for an unrelated matter before the ARCO Feb 6th show, and mentioned to him basically thank's for using my quote, you can send those endorsement fees of mine later (JOKE) and by the way FIX MY AGE please. Again NO CHANGE in age. There are more age change requests I won't bore you with. Now for my friend Syph (You all would like Syph. He's....Wait!... You KNOW SYPH!) Syph and I think my age was shaved ON PURPOSE! (Yes,that's right) If you look at the ages of the other fans being quoted I think they are in their late 40's early 50's? We all know the promotional/publicity awareness of Mick and some of his (I.M.O.) Blatant attempts at targeting the "youth" demographic? Well 34 is a lot closer to 44 then say 18. The "type-o" age of 24 is A LOT closer to 18. What I like about all of this is I did NOT tell Syph my theory about it! It too was the first thing he thought as well! (Like Minds) FLEA! I almost forgot: Banjo-Rama'99 tickets are $10. I hate to waste the backstage passes given to me. Nice thought on their part though. The "Rama" is to benefit the Shriner's Hospital for Children. I guess for the big closer they get something like one hundred banjo's on stage playing what ever. Last item because my fingers are starting to hurt! I will give you an autograph (if you really want it?) on ONE condition. You have to be able to hook me up with "Desi's Landlords Offspring" in person! I think Dexy's Midnight Runners had that name at one time. The Bass Player for "Desi's Landlords Offspring" has this Ricki he wanted me to look at. ( 4001 maybe?) Later. JIMMY : - )

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