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Posted by ~AzQb on September 13, 2000 at 15:46:18:

In Reply to: I agree...once again posted by Dang on September 13, 2000 at 15:37:16:

: They need to play as a 5 piece. Look at what it's done to revitalise the Who. They are a rock band, not the Charlie Watts orchestra, and they should act like it. Too many girls. Too many horns. They need to rely on Keith to provide backing vocals--his harmonies are IMHO the highlight of many of their stronger tracks.

...I am ferOCiously reluctant to admit this, as I've pondered this and weighed this and tried (desperately,I might add)to be the eternal optomist concerning this(and I've talked about it here before>sigh<)

Keith simply CANNOT do all those vocals anymore.

This is why, if you really look at the line-up, you have Blondie so prominently (or NOT so prominently!) displayed. His vocals are VERY close to Keith's and he's invaluable. What else can I say?

Fearsome, but true. Wretched, but it's all there in living colour, me man. Even in the studio. Keith takes him with him quite often.

His playing is better (weaving with Ronnie notwithstanding) but the

Sometimes me mum was right. I'll just follow her sage advice right now.

Cheers and American Later~

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