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Posted by Elmo Lewis on August 15, 2000 at 22:57:53:

In Reply to: Re: Re: 10 Worst since '83 posted by your baby on August 15, 2000 at 17:16:20:

: 10. Winning Ugly
: 9. Rock in a Hard Place
: 8. High Wire

: (It seems like their BIG clunkers fall into two distinct catagories: the pathetic political speech or the pathetic love speech)

: 7. Almost Hear you Sigh
: 6. Out of Tears
: 5. Blinded By Love
: 4. Blinded By Rainbows (this song weirds me out. Really. It freaks me out. What is he saying????????)
: 3. Always Suffering
: 2. Those two Keith songs at the end of B2B that along with #3 screw up what would otherwise be a passable to occasionally great album.
: 1. Let's Work (I know this isn't the Stones, but it is the greatest atrocity I can think of. Unless this is actually a joke and then it's great.)

i agree with you somewhat on the political songs. blinded by rainbows is about the IRA and the "war" in northern ireland. the last two songs on b2b are actually brilliant.the only two jazz rock experiments besides miles davis that actually work. try them again, since i got the impression you havent listened to them much(you dont even know the names of the songs)i also like out of tears and almost hear you sigh besides those 4 songs pretty good list!!

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